Friday, July 25, 2008

Good day everyone!

I really don’t know what to do on holiday except biking, picnicking, and doing some family reunion at Schmutzer’s Gorilla Observatory. lol

And then when I lazying around in my house, I suddenly realize that my refrigerator has nothing no eat..( there are actually something, but they are vegetables...jelly...candies..boring stuff like that). And I’m sick of eating instant noodles when the weather becomes too cold for me.

Then, like the ray shining on my forehead followed by ghostly whispers, I hear something that heard like,
“you haaavee to maakee something to eatttt”

Just Kidding.

I think it is the sound of my stomach...


I searched for some recipe on the internet and when I try cooked it, it turn out to be very easy. (Not that easy actually...but it is a lot simpler than any traditional cookies).

In Indonesian, the cookie named “onde-onde ketawa”. “Onde-onde” is a shape that represents a ball, and “ketawa” means laughing. Er...if all that doesn’t ring a bell, then just forget them. lol

This is what it looks:

And FYI,
it tastes good.

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