Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi-ya Guys!
When I write this, what I think is,

Heey! Where are those friends of mine on MSN?

I really-really miss u guys! Eventhough I know the time differences, but still... 
So, in this post, I really want to express my thanks, especially to:

1. Pei-kun..thanks for ur attention even while you were sick! And congrats on being successfully got rid of that water pox!
2. Talia... thanks for mentioned ME in your blog! lol
3.’s been a long time, but I still want to say thanks for helped me doing my final German Assignment..Yay!
4. Dr.Nishat Sheikh..thanks for being such a good e-mail-ing friend!(uh, is the word e-mail-ing really exist?? If no then I just create one!)
5. Tim..thanks for the good chat! lol

Oi gila lu pade kemane sichh?


rekshii on 9:46 PM