Tuesday, August 19, 2008
4 years is enough!


Sorry to anyone who read my blog in English, because nowadays I write more in Indonesian...WHY, you ask? Well, the answer should remain to myself, baby. :p

Today is 19th August, which means 2 days after Indonesia's Independence day :D Yay! Congrats Indonesia! I pray so that Indonesia could be a better, prosperous country. And there wont be any corruptor again, *sigh* such a shame to this big country.

Besides that, today I must attend the Independence day ceremonial in my Business School, hufff and every freshmen should be there...How lazy I am today...zzzz
Im worried about my cat, actually, because she's just a baby...meowww! And she followed me everytime. Maybe she thinks Im her mom???
(and then my mom and dad call me, "Mommy Pata")

Im so excited about going to this business school. Yet nervous. The fee in my school is so expensive, even more expensive than being a doctor..o_0 I should try my best to graduate in 4 years...(yeah yeah I know Im not too smart, but hey I have the spirit! hehe)

rekshii on 6:14 AM