Thursday, August 21, 2008
Ballads of the Bedtime

Since my dad isnt working anymore, he is now give me his Laptop...But I said ,"oh, you dont have to! What about you?" But he do it anyway.

And now, Im trying to adapt to this new gadget (I usually use home PC)...Its really comfortable, with the dual core inside it (YAY!). But as the downside, I typoeing all over the

(emg dasar orang ndeso, hahaha)

Blah..this is 10 pm...And I still.Cant.Sleep. Maybe because I took a nap earlier? In the past years I had this difficulty of sleeping. Sometimes I even wake up too early (read: 3AM). WHAT AM I GONNA DO AT THAT TIME? lol Okay, I can do my late night prayer, but I just too sleepy to do that..Thank God it doesnt occur again.

Speaking of 'wake up', when Im still in elementary-mid high I usually woke up at 4 AM (I do morning prayer), eventhough my school starts at 7 AM. I just felt comfortable to wake up at that time, because I had more time to make some preparation (or, have some time to "copy-paste" homeworks at school, hehe).

Then after I entered senior-high, I become too laaazyyy (or to be exactly, TOO TIRED)to woke up at 4 AM...Eventhough I had my alarm clock on my cellphone was set up, I always deny it (sounds so familiar, eh?)
My wake up time officially became at 4.30 AM. But FYI, Im still doing my Morning prayer. I tried my best not to skip it.

Whew. Im such a slouchy bag...*murmured*

rekshii on 9:48 PM