Monday, August 04, 2008
Bizarre Behaviour....huh?

I dont know what's really happen in me that makes me make different cakes / cookies almost everyday.

Err..maybe I have a clue.

It's all started when a friend of mine asked me about my dreams. I said all of my big dreams, but there is one left unspoken :

I really want to be a businesswoman.
And if I cant,
At least I can be a good housewife to my husband.

Well, that explains my bizarre behaviour. lol

Dont laugh at me!

So yeah...I started to learn how to bake, but Im still a sucker at cleaning house...*sigh* How can I be better at cleaning while I always get paranoid when seeing some dumb cockroach lining up in my kitchen?!! *hiperbolicstyle:on*

Huff..I hope someday that dream of mine will be realised...
*hands praying*

Hhe Mwach!

rekshii on 9:10 PM