Saturday, August 02, 2008
Ciater Hot Spring!

This is Saturday aaaand I don't even expect my parents bring me to a hot spring in another city! (of course it is in another city, HOW COME it's in MY hot, poluted city?)

This Hot Springs is quite big, and have great view, great atmosphere, great facility and of course, great hot springs ^^.
But I am very surprised the hot spring has sooooo maaany visitors, especially they who come by group in buses. The place become very crowded, but I'm ok with it.

I also surprised about the nice view. The place located in Highland, with the tea field (err, I'm not sure it is "field", but that's the vocab that all I can think now) at its surrounding and have some nice cold air...but still, I'm still amazed that the springs has beautiful garden of flowers and plants. It's very beautiful.

There are also many things I wish I could do there, but I can't (too long dipping in hot springs makes annoying headache). Flying fox, offroad, horse riding, and bla-bla-bla I can't remember all of them because there are too many ^^
Fortunately, I have tried the flying fox o_0. Whew...I thought I'm going to fall ..guess I'm just too paranoid with heights. Hehe

But I'm sorry I forgot to bring my camera...(I didn't expect the spring to be THAT ineteresting T_T) I wish I could show you the beautiful spring ^^

Uhhh I'm soooo sleeepy rite nowwww zzzzzzzzzz

rekshii on 9:01 PM