Sunday, August 31, 2008
Fasting? Fast? What?? *confused*

Tomorrow is the September 1st, meaning that all the people of my religion will have to fast over 1 month! Even though it is called “fast”, it somehow brings joy to my people. I don’t know. Especially when my family can finally eat to end our fast (it happens about 6pm in my country). We round up in a table, preparing every meals, desserts, fruits and vitamins…And then enjoy them together. 

“Fast” in my religion also means have a hold of yourself. You can’t eat and drink anything from morning to evening (again, in my country it started from about 4.15 am – 6 pm). But the most important, you will have to hold your anger, your lust, or anything bad that usually sticks on you in ‘normal’ days…I think it is the hardest part, though.

But fast without helping the needs is nonsense. Everyone who will fast in September 1st will definitely grabs their money and give it to the needy. Whatever the amount is. All you need is the feeling of caring.

Speaking of caring others, I really am appreciate Buddhist and Hindus for their love to the world 

I’m not trying to preach you, readers, about this “fast” of my people, but I want you to broaden your knowledge so you won’t close your eyes to this part of world’s culture (yes, you can consider “fast” as culture if you want to).

Oh, by the way,
If I ever curse you, make your heart broke so it felt hurt, or doing anything that harmful or bizarre…PLEASE, forgive me. I can’t do my fast if you guys still mad at me T_T

Ok? Ok? Ok? :D
So see you soon!

rekshii on 11:45 AM