Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Fingers and Knives

Okay. Fortunately, with my "short term memory loss", I may forget about whatever misfortune which happened to me yesterday.

Except one thing.

I sliced my finger while slicing the fruit for my pie.
Bah...It's been a long time since I sliced my finger loooong time ago in the kitchen.

Talking about slicing finger, I guess my family has some un-lucky-ness according to knife..somehow, me, my mom and dad had sliced our finger a couple time.

My mom is more unfortunate than me. She sliced her forefinger so many times until that finger cant feel anything.

And here comes my father.
He sliced his finger (I forget the noun) with A VERY LARGE KNIFE. *sigh*

Ah..I'm so sleepy

rekshii on 9:38 PM