Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's me on the right and my best classmate, Gloria...Hey Gloria! How are you?
I hope you have a wonderful life back in your hometown :D

So, this post is dedicated to her who had always help me in school...Sorry I cant repay for everything that you did, friend!

Oh, wait..I think Im going to show pics of my another best friends...yeah..theyre kind of genius, and always helped me (again!) about annoying, brain squeezing subjects like math ^^.

Me on the left, and Tiara on the right ^^ Ti, thanks for all the books you lent to me! I am soooo apreciate it! (since the price of books are sadistically sky rocketting, I cant afford them anymore T_T)

And it's time for

Hasyaaa! lol
I wish you can take a look at my blog! Hey, how's your brother doing? hehe...

And the last one,

yaaay! (tolong jangan timpuk gw's just for this blog...)


rekshii on 7:17 AM